Intraoral camera for detailed dental examinations

Intraoral Cameras

What if you could see everything your dentist sees? Grandview Dental features high definition intraoral cameras in each of our treatment rooms.

Interactive Care

During your appointment and treatment procedure, our doctors will likely use an intraoral camera. This microscopic camera allows you to:

  • See and understand your dental conditions
  • Co-plan your treatment along with our dentists
  • Visually analyze situations for better understanding
  • Examine existing dental work for signs of deterioration
  • Compare changes in your mouth from one visit to the next
  • Print images – or even email them directly to you

Capturing images via an intraoral camera allows our doctors to keep you, the patient, actively involved in the diagnosis process. With the snap of a button, show you any tooth in your mouth that we may have a concern or question about!


Experience Collaborative Care

With quick, easy digital imaging, we take your oral care to an entirely new level. Schedule a visit with us today!