What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry is revolutionizing the dental industry, providing fast and efficient care to patients. It encompasses various dental technologies that leverage computer hardware and software, enabling dental professionals to deliver accurate and cost-effective treatments with the help of computer-based tools. At Grandview Dental, our digital dentistry processes and procedures enhance the strength and quality of restorations, lower costs, offer financing options, and improve the efficiency of care. By utilizing state-of-the-art dental technology, we can:

  • Detect cavities and decay before they become problematic
  • Show you exactly what we see when examining your teeth and gums
  • Predict outcomes and results with smile modeling technology
  • Deliver pain-free treatments and procedures
  • Reduce the time you spend in the chair
  • Create lifelike, dazzling smile results

At Grandview Dental in Columbus, we use digital scanning for taking impressions, performing diagnostic tests, and planning treatment without using mechanical tools. Digital dental design software empowers our dentists to streamline the treatment process while minimizing manual work, resulting in a more comfortable experience for our patients. We employ various digital dental technologies to deliver outstanding results.

Digital X-rays

Grandview Dental utilizes digital imaging for all our dental X-rays. Unlike traditional X-rays, which require film and significant radiation exposure, digital dental X-rays use a sensor connected to a computer. This technology produces safe, high-resolution images, providing a detailed view of your dental condition, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for our patients. Moreover, digital X-rays are environmentally friendly.

Once the image is captured, it is instantly displayed on a high-definition monitor in the treatment room. Together, we can assess the health of your mouth, diagnose conditions such as tooth wear, abscesses, and periodontal diseases, and identify deep cavities and other dental issues. Our dental professionals can evaluate your dental health in real-time, as digital X-ray images are produced within seconds. Say goodbye to radiation concerns, wearing a lead bib, or waiting weeks for a diagnosis. Our specialists are dedicated to delivering fast and affordable results from the moment you sit in our chair.

Cone Beam CT Digital 3D Radiography

A dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) is an advanced radiography technique used when regular dental and facial X-rays may not suffice. Cone Beam CT generates a three-dimensional image of your teeth, soft tissue, nerves, and bone in a single scan. Grandview Dental employs this digital dental technology for precise treatment planning, enabling us to manage even the most complex cases efficiently. This focused X-ray beam reduces scatter radiation, resulting in higher image quality. A single scan offers a wide range of images for comprehensive evaluations. This painless and noninvasive procedure enhances the accuracy of our imaging, ensuring top-notch care for you. Additional benefits include:

  • Creating virtual plans for dental implant placement
  • Determining if a bone graft is necessary
  • Identifying specific infections and pathologies difficult to spot with traditional 2D X-rays
  • Capturing a 3D image of your mouth and face
  • Safely recording data with minimal radiation
  • Delivering highly accurate prosthetic treatments
  • Analyzing eruption patterns for orthodontic concerns
  • Evaluating wisdom teeth

SNAP Cosmetic Imagery

SNAP Cosmetic Imagery is a digital dental technology that allows you to visualize your smile makeover in minutes. With just your picture, our smile experts can present hundreds of ways to enhance your smile in real-time. This tool enables our patients to see for themselves the potential improvements to their smiles without any hassle. The SNAP simulation software instantly demonstrates the results of full mouth reconstruction, a smile without gaps, and an overall whiter and brighter smile. Through our SNAP digital dental technology, you can envision your stunning smile after completing the recommended dental treatment, all at no cost to you.

Intraoral Cameras

During your appointment and treatment procedure, our doctors at Grandview Dental use devices called Intraoral Cameras. These advanced digital dental tools allow you to see what the dentists see through a microscopic camera. Intraoral Cameras are valuable because they make it easier for dentists to explain their findings within a patient’s mouth, as opposed to using only a mouth mirror and X-ray image. This technology enables you to view clear images of your mouth immediately, allowing the dentist to showcase any issues quickly and boosting your confidence in making treatment decisions.

Our digital dental technology ensures that you understand the recommended treatment, co-plan treatment with our dentists, and compare changes in your mouth from visit to visit. Intraoral Cameras make for a much more comfortable and engaging experience with our dentists.

Cavitron Jet Plus Technology

Our hygienists are trained in using a digital dental technology called Cavitron Jet. These innovative air polishers offer our patients a pain-free and mess-free experience during their cleanings. Cavitron Jet air polishers effectively remove even the most stubborn tooth stains, outperforming traditional rotary-polishing methods. They enable our hygienists to eliminate tea and coffee stains from your teeth, polish enamel, clean around orthodontic brackets, and clear away hard-to-reach particles. For patients with sensitive teeth and gums, the Cavitron Jet uses warm water for optimal comfort. Each air-powered tip gently blasts away months of stains in just a few seconds, saving you time and money during your dental visit. Using the advanced Cavitron JET Plus, we deliver gentle polishing to clean and brighten teeth quickly and efficiently.

CEREC Technology

Traditional dental crowns, which are caps placed on top of a damaged tooth to protect, cover, and restore its shape when fillings do not suffice, typically require a two-visit procedure. However, CEREC digital dental technology enables Grandview Dental to create and place your crown in just one appointment. CEREC same-day crowns save you time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in life.

CEREC digital dental technology halves your visit time and eliminates the need for messy impressions. This method is so efficient that we can provide a long-lasting crown that precisely matches the shape of your natural teeth. We also offer custom shading options to match your existing teeth, ensuring a highly accurate and comfortable fit.

The process of creating your custom CEREC crown involves taking a virtual impression of the tooth requiring restoration. That impression is sent to our in-house milling equipment. Using computer-aided design, a crown or restoration is formed to precisely match your teeth. In less than 15 minutes, the crown is ready to be cemented into place, and you can continue enjoying your day.

Grandview Dental: The Next Step in Dentistry

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The Next Step in Dentistry

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