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woman smiling and admiring her new smile at the dentist officeFor those who have dental anxiety, sedation dentistry allows our doctors to provide a pain-free and relaxed experience during a dental procedure.  But sedation is also perfect for those who need a lot of dental work and worry about the inconvenience of having multiple appointments; sedation allows us to complete many treatments at once.

New to sedation dentistry? Learn a little more about how it could be the solution for you:

  • Completely relaxes you without putting you completely under; eliminates the fear factor so that you can get the treatment you need
  • Saves you time by allowing the doctor to perform more work in a single appointment
  • If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, allows for multiple treatments to be done at once, instead of spreading them out over several appointments, minimizing the time commitment for the patient
  • Makes it possible for you to respond to simple commands from our doctors during the procedure
  • Causes short term memory loss so that you will not remember the procedure

If any of these apply to you, know that we have options to help you receive the dental care you need without the time commitment, pain, and anxiety! Contact us today to learn about our IV sedation options.

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Advanced Monitoring and Care

Many dentists simply offer a sedation pill to help their patients relax. The problem is that the dosage is hard to control and the effects may quickly wear off during the appointment. At Grandview Dental Care, we are one of the few Columbus dentists licensed to perform IV sedation to help you completely relax in a controlled state of sedation.

We are also committed to ensuring that your sedation appointment is completely safe. Using state of the art technology, such as pulsemeters and blue-tooth precordio periscopes, our team monitors your vitals and listens to every breath you take while sedated.

In addition, Dr. Hoellrich is among the few dentists in Columbus, Ohio with a Conscious Sedation Dentistry Permit. He has undergone an extensive certification process that includes a rigid training program to safely administer and monitor anesthesia in our office. Dr. Hoellrich also continues to partake in new training every two years to retain licensure and assure a safe environment for our patients.

Take Advantage of IV Sedation Dentistry

Ready to put your fears behind and experience a healthy, happy smile? Looking forward to one appointment instead of multiple follow ups? Call us to book your sedation consultation!