Dental implant procedure to secure dentures

Do You Think Your Teeth Are Beyond Repair?

Living with dentures can be tough – they can be ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and messy. Unfortunately, many people think this is their only option, that their teeth are beyond repair and beyond hope. But with all on four implant secured dentures, a permanent and natural solution for your smile is possible!

Thanks to dental implant therapy, secured dentures are now an excellent treatment opportunity for the traditional denture patient. And they keep dentures in place all day long! For those with missing teeth, fixed dentures provide restoration that closely resembles natural teeth. Implant secured dentures mean:

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  • No messy adhesives to fuss with
  • Enhanced ability to chew
  • Slimmer fit that frees up space in your mouth
  • Improved speech abilities
  • Comfortable, natural-feeling fit
  • Rejuvenated confidence with a comfortable smile
  • You leave the office with a beautiful new set of teeth; there is no lag time

What are implant secured dentures?

Traditional dentures can be difficult to wear, often slipping out of place. Many people complain that their dentures feel loose or are uncomfortable to wear; plus, they don’t look or feel like natural teeth.

At Grandview Dental Care, we can anchor dentures in place with small titanium implants. We can accomplish this a variety of ways – from dentures that snap onto dental implants for easy removal, or dentures that screw into dental implants for a more permanent placement. We’ll carefully determine how many implants are needed and what type of implant-anchored denture is best for you.

With implant supported dentures, you’ll find renewed confidence in your smile! Go from feeling like there is no hope for your teeth to the smile you’ve always wanted. From start to finish, your entire treatment is completed right here in the comfort of our Grandview practice to give you the very best results. And remember – you will leave your appointment with a full set of teeth. There is no lag time or multiple appointments needed!

Learn more about implant secured dentures from Dr. Thompson himself:

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