Why do I need a crown on my tooth?

| June 23, 2011

dental_crown_columbusA dental crown is like a “cap” that replaces missing parts of a tooth. If a tooth has been cracked, damaged, or has a large filling in it, a crown serves to reinforce and protect what remains of the tooth.  Many dentists in Columbus, Ohio create and place crowns.

What’s the difference between a crown and a big filling?

Big fillings are more susceptible to allow the tooth to split or further break down.  A crown prevents these things from happening to the tooth.

How long does a big filling last vs. a crown?

Some big fillings may only last a couple of years because they aren’t designed to replace major parts of teeth.  With proper brushing and flossing a crown should be able to provide many, many years of use.

I can only afford a big filling in my tooth, not a crown

Big fillings don’t save you money.  You will have to pay for the big filling today and a couple of years down the road you’ll still end up paying for that crown because the big filling will fail.

Saving time is saving money.  Get your tooth fixed right the first time, get a crown instead of a big filling.

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