Why do I have that gritty feeling on the back of my front teeth?

| January 20, 2011

question markQuestion: Sometimes the back of my front teeth feel kind of “gritty” in between my dental cleanings.  I brush, use mouth rinse, and floss regularly.  Is there a cause or am I just not brushing well enough?

Answer: The “gritty” feeling is the tiny pieces of tarter build-up.  The lower front teeth are the most common spot for this to occur because there is a salivary gland that lays at the floor of your mouth.  Your tongue pushes everything up against the back of your front teeth.  Tartar Control toothpastes will help some but it is based on your individual mineral content.  That’s why we encourage you to visit us every 6 months for a professional cleaning so we can take care of those things that are difficult to take care of alone.

Great dental home care (brushing/flossing) is just a part of the puzzle to having great dental health!  You can’t do it all alone.  Visit your favorite Columbus dentist today!