What you need to know about DuraThin Veneers

| January 27, 2010
Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for you?  Watch our video.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for you? Watch our video.

Columbus Dentist explains what veneers, Lumineers, and DuraThin Veneers are:

A veneer is a generic term for a thin piece of porcelain that a dentist artistically designs for your specific needs and smile. Generic term as in tissue versus the brand name Kleenex.

Veneers can be used to fixed chipped, stained, and crooked teeth.  They are sometimes described as instant orthodontics because they can be used to straighten your teeth in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

Lumineers and DuraThin Veneers are brand names for veneers.  They use a specific brand of porcelain and are marketed with their brand name.  These 2 brands of veneers have 2 main points that they market to:

  • That they are are painless veneers or shot free veneers
  • That they don’t remove painful or healthy tooth structure

These 2 statements in some smile makeovers are true but before you make a decision on which Columbus Cosmetic Dentist you want to do your smile makeover, think about this.

What the marketing material doesn’t tell you:

  • The amount of  tooth structure that is removed in any type of veneer is  minimal
  • The majority of veneers are “contact lens thin”
  • If you have protruding teeth, you slap on a veneer no matter how thin, your teeth are going to stick out more and it will be obvious that you have  a veneer sticking on your teeth.
  • Depending on your threshold for pain, sometimes you want  the quick “pin prick” pain of a numbing shot over the 15 – 30 minutes of mildly uncomforable  shot free veneer prep time.  In other words, being a shot-free veneer isn’t always a good thing.

We are a Columbus dentist that does traditional veneers and also Lumineers.  A certain type of veneer is not the right veneer for every smile makeover.  That is why we have Fee Free Smile Consultations so that you can meet the dentist, see a collection of our Smile Makeovers, ask your questions and get Dr. Thompson’s or Dr. Hoellrich’s  opinion on what would be the best Smile Makeover solution for you.


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