What to do when your kid does a face plant. Tooth loss First Aid.

| July 6, 2009

Step OneDon’t Panic.  Of course, that’s what we parents/caregivers do naturally, but keep in mind that a blow to the head or the mouth usually looks far worse than it really is.  There will likely be blood, but the child will be less frightened if you stay clam and in control.  Allow the child to hold a  cloth/paper towel with cool water on it  in or on his mouth.

Step Two…Try your best to get a look in the mouth to see if there are any broken teeth.  If a whole tooth is missing, collect it to take with you. Do not handle the tooth by the roots, only hold the tooth by the top and do not rub or scape the tooth in an effort to “clean” it. This can damage the root surface, making it less likely to survive.

Step Three…Try to replace the tooth in the socket. If it does not go all the way into place, have the child bite down gently on gauze or a moistened paper towel to help keep it in place.  Hold the tooth in place until you see your dentist. If you cannot replace the tooth in the socket, place it in whole milk,  your child’s saliva, or a mild saltwater solution.  You will want to take the tooth with you when you visit the dentist.

Step Four… Contact your dentist immediately.  Most offices have an emergency after hours number and your dentist is going to want to see the child just to make sure things are all right.  If you can’t get to the dentist, go to an emergency room.

Rest in knowing that baby teeth naturally replenish themselves and remember that there are several solutions to repair a broken tooth and to replace a lost tooth. Kid face plants are a very common thing with children(especially last week for some reason).  This makes it very likely that your dentist has had lots of experience in this area! Also keep in mind that if your child participates in contact sports, tooth loss can often be prevented by having your child fitted for a mouth guard!