What happens at an Invisalign Open House

| March 8, 2011

Columbus Invisalign Event

We have been holding Invisalign Open Houses since 2007 as a way to show patients what Invisalign can do for their smile, with no financial obligation.  If you are curious about what these clear, removable, braces can do to straighten your teeth(and you live in Columbus Ohio) we invite you to reserve your appointment at our Invisalign Open house on April 1. 2011.

What happens at an Invisalign Open House

  • It’s about a 1/2 hour appointment
  • We only see Invisalign patients during our Invisalign Open House
  • The patient meets with the doctor.  They discuss what the patient wants to improve and the doctor tells them whether or not they are a candidate for Invisalign
  • The doctor and staff take the necessary xrays, photos, and impressions of your teeth
  • All the patient questions are answered and the patient is told how much their Invisalign treatment will cost and about how many months they will be in treatment
  • Cost to the patient so far…. $0.00…. zero dollars
  • Patient goes on to enjoy the rest of their day.
  • The patient will come back to visit us in 2 weeks to review their  Clincheck, or the video animation of what Invisalign will do for their smile
  • The Clincheck will show exactly how many Invisalign aligners will be used and how long they will be wearing the aligners before they are done
  • After the patient has seen what Invisalign will do, they decide if they are ready to start treatment
  • Everyone that attends our Invisalign Open House on April 1, 2011
    • will get an iPad when they start  Full Invisalign treatment  OR
    • an iPod Touch if they are an Invisalign Express case  AND
    • Free Whitening when they complete treatment AND
    • 24 months same as cash financing (for those that qualify)