Top tip if you want to keep your teeth

| February 4, 2010

I am continually surprised by people that don’t go to the dentist for 5+ years because they don’t have a dental benefit plan.  It’s like dental benefits  are the entry ticket to go to the dentist.

The bottom line here is: things you plan on keeping for a lifetime you take care of.

You wouldn’t dream of neglecting your car’s oil changes for 5 years cause your car would be in really bad shape if you  did. You want to keep your car in good running condition because you need it and you want it.  And you have car insurance that you pay a lot of money for, but that car insurance doesn’t pay for your oil changes.

You wouldn’t dream of neglecting many household repairs for any length of time because a small repair turns into a big repair if you don’t take care of it.  But some dental patients are shocked when they come to the dentist after a long absence and that little amount of decay has turned into a much more expensive crown.  Hang on to your money.  Let a dentist find decay in your tooth when it’s small and less expensive.

So the top tip if you want to keep your teeth is take care of them and home diligently and see a dentist regularly.  And every five years isn’t regularly unless of course…. you aren’t using your teeth and my guess is that you use them quite often..