Special Occasion Dog Food

| May 2, 2009

We have been making homemade dog food for about a month now for a variety of reasons and now I think our dog, Prada, would revolt if we stopped.  My wife and I like to cook and homemade dog food isn’t hard to make, mostly chopping up meat.  We get our inspiration from the Healthy Dog Cookbook but have begun to improvise based on what we have on hand.   The cookbook even includes portion sizes based on the weight of your dog.

Here is Prada’s current favorite you might want to try it for a special occasion for you dog.

Chicken, Pumpkin, Yogurt Delish

3lb skinless/boneless chicken (white and dark meat)

1 cup pumpkin (just pumpkin, not pie filling)

1 cup whole milk yogurt

1 cup brown rice

Blackstrap Molasses

  1. Preheat Oven to 350, lightly oil a roasting pan
  2. Put the chicken in the roasting pan and roast until the juices run clear.  (20 – 30 minutes) Let cool.
  3. Dice into large pieces
  4. Cook rice or barley according to package directions
  5. Mix together everything but molasses
  6. When you serve, drizzle with blackstrap molasses