Sedation dentistry helps you relax at the dentist

| March 2, 2010

Columbus Ohio Sedation Dentist


Are you  researching sedation dentistry?  In Columbus Ohio there are 2 types of sedation dentists.  Those that use only a pill and those that can use a pill and also continuing the comfort throughout the appointment using IV sedation dentistry.  At Grandview Dental Care, we continue to make you comfortable where other dentists can not. We use  IV sedation dentistry.

When a sedation dentist provides only a pill, the sedating effects of the pill can wear off in the middle of the dental procedure.  They can’t wake you up and give you another pill or even give you a pill in your semi-sedated state.  It’s not legal.

There is nothing more the sedation dentist that only uses a pill can do for your comfort.  Yikes!  Now that would be a rude awakening in the middle of a dental appointment you are trying to relax through.

With IV sedation dentistry you are constantly monitored and additional the sedative can be administered whenever needed throughout the entire appointment. So you can truly relax through the appointment.  Now even in Columbus you can relax at the dentist!

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