Scope vs Listerine: What’s the difference?

| February 25, 2009

Many patients ask us about mouth rinses.  Are they needed?  What do they do?  How often should I use them?  Everyone’s mouth has different needs but below are a few guidelines.

Listerine reduces the bacteria that causes the redness, bleeding and puffiness of gums.  It also reduces the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease.  It is recommend that you do not use Listerine more than twice per day because excessive use can contribute to dry mouth.  When Listerine is used by patients taking certain medications the dry mouth condition can also be worsened.

Scope is a cosmetic breath freshener.  It reduces the amount of bad breath germs.  It can be used more frequently throughout the day to keep your mouth minty fresh, but does not kill as much bacteria as Listerine.

Mouth rinses do not replace flossing.  They can be used as an added bonus to keep your mouth healthier and cleaner.

At your next visit ask your dental professional on how mouth rinses will affect the condition of your particular mouth.