If Invisalign works so well, why all the myths and controversy over it’s effectiveness?

| June 3, 2009

Experienced Columbus Ohio Invisalign Dentist

Align Technology just introduced an Invisalign proficiency program to insure that the dentists that say they “do Invisalign” have the proper and on going training to do it right.

That’s great news for patients but maybe not so great news for the dentists that only do a few Invisalign cases per year.  It’s also great news for us here at Grandview Dental Care, in Columbus, because we do a lot of Invisalign.  We have been doing over 50 cases per year since 2007 to the benefit of 100s of Invisalign patients in central Ohio.

So, what’s with the controversy of Invisalign not straightening teeth? Well, a lot of dentists when they first tried Invisalign, do 1 or 2 cases and the results were just OK, not excellent.  Ok is not good enough to the multitude of dentists that are perfectionists.  So they get disillusioned with Invisalign and it’s ability to straighten teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires.  They stop doing it and say Invisalign doesn’t work.

Experience with Invisalign and continuing education are the two key requirements for a dentist to make Invisalign work effectively.  Education in new Invisalign techniques and procedures as well as choosing the right patient which will actually have success with Invisalign.

Dr. Thompson actually met with a Columbus Orthodontist recently to review some Invisalign cases.  The Orthodontist was showing Dr. Thompson some Invisalign cases that had mediocre results and Dr. Thompson just said “None of my Invisalign cases have ever had those poor outcomes.  I’ve learned techniques and methods so that result doesn’t happen to my patients.”  The orthodontist then admitted that Dr. Thompson had much more experience with Invisalign and was almost embarrassed by that fact considering all an orthodontist does…. is straighten teeth.

What about the myth that Invisalign isn’t permanent? If any dentist or orthodontist ever tells you that metal braces permanently straighten teeth, see somebody else.  It just isn’t true.  “Retention for Life” is what the current best practice is.  You have to wear retainers after your teeth are straight for so many hours per day/week, no matter what method you used to straighten them.  The overwhelming majority of our Invisalign Express(short treatment) cases are from people that had traditional metal braces in their teen years, didn’t wear their retainers, and now their teeth are shifting again.

So, if you are thinking about straightening your teeth without metal braces, consider Invisalign.  Just make sure you go to an experienced Invisalign Dentist.  If you live in Columbus,Ohio – make an appointment with us for a Free Smile Consultation.