How to relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth

| July 6, 2018

Stacia and our Hygienist Adrien are on location at Jeni’s Ice Cream on Grandview Avenue to talk about tooth sensitivity.  Watch our video to learn how to relive the pain caused by sensitive teeth.

What can you use to relieve tooth sensitivity

Perhaps your tooth sensitivity can be relieved by the use of the over the counter tooth paste Sensodyne.  If that doesn’t work we also have a prescription strength toothpaste PreviDent. Another option would be a tray that is pre-loaded with sensitivity gel that you can easily pop in your mouth and wear for about 15 minutes a day.  If you already have plastic trays that fit over your teeth we also offer the sensitivity gel in an applicator similar to whitening gel.  You can then put the tooth sensitivity gel into your trays and wear them for about an hour.  All 4 of these solutions are very economical.

If you are having tooth sensitivity a quick trip to your dentist will let them evaluate your particular situation and get you feeling better.

You can still enjoy ice cream

July is National Ice Cream month.  You can certainly enjoy ice cream even if your teeth are sensitive to cold.  Just try one of the products mentioned above and enjoy National Ice Cream Month.