How to get out of tooth pain fast

| November 17, 2009


Have you, a friend, family member or co-worker ever had a toothache in the middle of the night?  How about swelling around a tooth, a swollen cheek, or a draining blister on your gums?  Have you ever wondered who to call or where to go?

If a person doesn’t have a regular dentist it can be a confusing experience.  Some people may choose to go to the emergency room. This is not the best choice because there is often no one there to treat the likely source of the problem.  At best you may leave with a prescription for pain medication and an antibiotic.

Other people may choose to call dentists at random to see if they can be treated.  This is a better choice, but can be a little scary if the dental office is one the person isn’t familiar with.

At Grandview Dental Care we take special pride in seeing patients who have tooth pain as soon as possible, even on the same day you call.  We treat all our patients with care and respect whether they are visiting us for the first time or have been seeing us for years.   A patient that comes to see us for a toothache will find that our doctors will sit down and talk to them about their specific problem and what we need to do to fix it.

The team at Grandview Dental Care is here when you need us.  Call us at 614-486-7378 and we will get you out of pain fast!

Until 12/31/2009 we are also offering a free exam and x-ray for new patients that have  tooth pain or a tooth problem and are looking to get the situation resolved!

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