How Does IV Sedation Work At The Dentist?

| April 25, 2018

Unfortunately, many patients who could benefit from dental work avoid going to the dentist out of fear. However, dentist offices have come a long way since the dental visits you may remember from your childhood.

Today, we have amazing sedation options at our disposal, meaning that patients with dental phobias can feel much more confident about seeking treatment. One of our best options for sedation is IV sedation. Read on to learn how IV sedation can make a big difference in the patient experience.

What Is IV Sedation?

With IV sedation, a patient is given an IV drip that contains sedation medication. This medication helps patients completely relax throughout the dental procedure so they feel safe and comfortable while getting dental work done. Not only is IV sedation, a lifesaver for patients who are afraid to visit the dentist, it can also be very useful for a variety of other reasons and purposes.

Who Is IV Sedation Recommended For?

As we mentioned, IV Sedation is especially beneficial for patients who are afraid to go to the dentist. However, IV sedation can help more than just fearful patients. It’s also useful for patients who:

  • Struggle to sit still during dental work
  • Are short on time; the dentist can complete more in one visit
  • Experience extreme sensitivity or have a low threshold for pain
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Require extensive dental work

To find out if dental sedation is right for you, contact our office. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our sedation options.

What Are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

There are a number of benefits of IV sedation including:

  • Receiving just the right amount of medication for your particular case
  • Full monitoring of your vitals throughout the appointment so your experience is safe and comfortable
  • Complete relaxation so you can experience a fear-free dental visit
  • Saving time because our dentists can perform more work in a single visit
  • Short term memory loss so you don’t remember the procedure

What Will I Experience with IV Sedation?

During IV sedation, we’ll use an IV to put you in a controlled state of relaxation throughout the procedure. Although you won’t experience any pain, you will be able to respond to short commands. Once the procedure is over, you’ll have no memory of it.

Throughout the procedure, we’ll use state-of-the-art technology like pulsemeters and blue-tooth precordio periscopes to monitor your breath and other vitals. This helps us ensure that you’re getting the right dosage during your appointment. IV sedation is a very safe procedure when done under the care of a licensed professional.

Can All Dentists Perform IV Sedation?

No, not all dentists can perform IV sedation. In fact, very few can. At Grandview Dental, we’re proud to have 2 licensed dentists—Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich—who can perform IV sedation. To earn this distinction, they both completed a 9-month course in IV sedation which included over 100 classroom hours of lecture and hands-on training.

If you’d like to experience dentistry without fear, we highly recommend you talk to us about IV sedation. To set up your Grandview Dental appointment, please call us at 614.486.7378 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re pleased to offer evening appointments for your convenience.