Help Us Celebrate 40 years!

| July 17, 2018

Grandview Dental Care 40th Anniversary celebration

Please join us on August 25th, 2018 for a Carnival to celebrate 40 years of smiles. Our carnival will be held behind our building on Grandview Avenue and feature food, beverages, a balloon artist, a face painter, and carnival games including a Dunk Tank where you get a chance at Dunkin’ a Doc.  All proceeds from the dunk tank benefit KidSMILES pediatric dental clinic.  To learn more about who KidSMILES is and what they do, visit their website.

Our Carnival is the same evening as the Grandview Hop so come take a stroll down Grandview Avenue and say hello!  Be sure to check out our Facebook Event listing and let us know if you will be stopping by.  By letting us know that you are coming via our Facebook event or by sending us a quick email, we will be able to better plan our Food and Beverage needs.

Joining the fun will be the Ohio Tap Room “mobile taproom” with a refreshing selection of craft brews.

Save the Date

Our Carnival 40th Celebration is Saturday August 25th from 4pm  – 8 pm

Grandview Hop Information

The Grandview Hop continues to grow each month and we are excited to be a part of the fun.  Check out the map below for what is going on at the Grandview Hop on Aug 25th.  For more information about the Grandview Hop check out their Facebook Page.


A Few words from Dr. Bill about 40 years of dentistry

November 27th of this year will mark the 40th anniversary of the beginning of Grandview Dental Care.  What stands out to me over this period is the change in the technology that we have to provide better care for our patients.

To gain a perspective of the everyday technology of the time in 1978 when this dental practice began,  the Apple 2 computer was introduced the previous year,  the first compact disc was demonstrated the following year, and cell phones were not in popular use yet.  In dentistry, we were still developing x-ray films by hand, esthetic crowns featuring porcelain had recently come into use,  dental bonding with actual UV light was brand new, and placement of dental implants was in its infancy.

Today’s dentistry enables us to make crowns in one appointment using optical images.  We have digital x-ray technology that gives us better diagnostic images instantly, and 3-D CAT scan technology that enables us to precisely plan every implant that we place, whether it is a single implant to replace one tooth, or multiple implants to replace all the teeth.  Invisalign orthodontics is an innovative computer designed method of moving teeth with clear aligners that we use to help create great smiles.   We have new strong ceramic materials that we use for beautiful crowns, veneers and bridges.  All of these things and more are available for us to provide our patients with truly remarkable care.

I used to marvel at the changes in technology that my parents experienced in their lifetimes.  They were toddlers when Charles Lindbergh made the first solo trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, lived through WW II and the birth of the atomic age, watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1968, got to travel to distant places on Boeing 747’s, and lived to see the advent of our digital age!

Similarly, I marvel at the evolution of the technology during my lifetime and my professional career. I remember my father taking me to see the Univac computer at the Dupont Company in Wilmington, De. When I was six or seven.  It was the computing tech wonder of the world at the time and it occupied a huge climate controlled room and had hundreds of magnetic tape machines all running in concert.  Now we have laptop computers with even more power than that huge device.  We have self driving cars in our future and telecommunications and computing power are going to be expanding rapidly to amazing levels.

So I look forward to expanding horizons in dentistry in the future.  Much of what we have now is pretty amazing to a nearly 40 year veteran of dentistry, like me.  When we do a crown in this day and age, it is as good as replacing the enamel on the tooth, in fact tests are showing that a crowned tooth is twice as strong as the natural tooth.  Dentistry of the future will have positive ways to prevent cavities, vaccines to protect against periodontal disease, better materials to repair teeth with, and dentists will be using robotics for doing dental procedures.  We are looking forward to a bright and innovative future!

-Bill Thompson, DDS