Halloween Candy Buyback – Your excess Candy supports the troops!

| September 30, 2009



So what do you do with all the extra candy after Beggar’s night?  The kids had fun walking door to door in Grandview or some other part of Columbus but now it’s time to give some of the loot to somebody else.

And we have the answer and it’s a great cause!

We are having a Candy Buyback on November 2nd.  You can drop off your excess candy from 5:30 – 7:30 at our office.(Get directions)  For each pound of  excess candy your kids donate we will give them a crisp $1 bill along with a goodie bag with items from  local retailers.  Have them dress up in their costumes to add to the fun!

We will also have cards available so kids can write a special note to the troops.

We will be shipping the candy and notes to Operation Gratitude who will distribute the candy to our troops overseas.  The troops may enjoy a treat or two but a lot of the candy will be given to children the troops come in contact with to spread a little cheer.  How fun is that?  From your child to another child in a country far away.

Not in the Columbus Ohio area?  Find a dentist near you that is participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback for 2009.

Watch the Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Buyback Video to learn more!