Does Laughing Gas Help at the Dentist?

| July 23, 2018

If you’re fearful about getting dental work done, we’d like to help put your fears to rest. Learn more about laughing gas or, as we call it in the biz, nitrous oxide. The more you know about this common sedation option, the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll feel when you see us for dental work. 

What Is Laughing Gas?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that’s mixed with oxygen and delivered to patients via a mask that fits over their nose. This sedation agent helps patients feel calm and comfortable during dental procedures.

When Is Laughing Gas Used During a Dental Visit?

Laughing gas isn’t just for major dental work. It actually can be used for virtually any dental appointment you have at Grandview Dental. For instance, if you struggle to remain calm during your appointment, we can give you laughing gas to help you relax.

Laughing gas is also useful for people who:

  •       Can’t sit still or sometimes experience the “gagging” reflex during treatment.
  •       Have extremely sensitive teeth
  •       Experience pain at low thresholds
  •       Need to have a large amount of dental work done

Does Laughing Gas Really Help During a Dental Visit?  

Absolutely, laughing gas can help! Although it won’t put you to sleep, you will feel much more comfortable throughout your appointment. You’ll also still be able to respond to any questions or directions from our dental team.

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Yes, laughing gas is very safe for just about any patient.  Just make sure you provide us with your medical history and let us know about any prescription medications you’re taking before we administer laughing gas during your appointment.

After we’ve given you laughing gas, we’ll closely monitor you throughout the procedure to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable.

Will I Experience Side Effects from Laughing Gas?

Side effects from laughing gas are very, very rare, and the vast majority of patients never experience any at all. If you’re concerned about the effects of laughing gas, please talk to  us. We can put your fears to rest and help you feel relaxed about relaxing with laughing gas!

Will I Be Able to Drive After My Laughing Gas Appointment?

You will have full motor control just a few minutes after your dental procedure is complete. So, you’ll be able to drive and return to work or school right afterward (sorry, we know for some of you that’s probably disappointing).

Fun fact: laughing gas is the only sedation option at the dentist where you can drive yourself home after the procedure.

How Can I Prepare for My Laughing Gas Appointment?

We recommend you stick to a light meal prior to your appointment. Save the buffet for another day! Other than that, no special preparation is required.

Speaking of dental appointments, are you due for a checkup? If so, we encourage you to set up an appointment online with Grandview Dental. You can also call us at 614.486.7378.  We’re pleased to offer evening appointments for your convenience.