Did Ed Helms really pull his tooth for The Hangover movie?

| September 9, 2010

dentist_from_the_hangoverMany of you have probably seen the movie The Hangover where Ed Helms plays Stu Price a dentist with a rather controlling girlfriend.  During the festivities in the movie, Stu pulls his own tooth to “show” his buddies that he is indeed a good dentist.

So, what happened to the tooth in real life?

The film crew decided that blacking out a tooth just wasn’t realistic enough and where thinking about scrapping the whole idea of the missing tooth.  Ed Helms had a dental implant surgically placed in his mouth when he was in his teens.

Mr. Helms went to visit his real-life dentist during filming and asked how difficult it would be to remove the 20-year-old implant and whether there would be any complications.  His dentist was totally into the idea so he removed the dental implant.  The comedy bit was saved and the missing tooth looked totally believable because it was real.

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