Common Questions about IV Sedation Dentistry

| March 5, 2014

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Do you have  questions about IV sedation dentistry?  We have compiled this list of frequently asked IV Sedation questions that our patients ask before receiving their dental treatment

Will I feel anything during my dental treatment?

Most of our patients that choose to use IV sedation to complete their dental treatment do not feel any pain or discomfort.  Patients wake up after treatment and are surprised that the dental procedure is over.  They are relaxed and comfortable and have no memory of the treatment.  We will get you numb for your treatment but you will be sedated when you get numb.

What sort of dental treatment can be done under IV Sedation?

We can do IV Sedation for patients with many dental needs or people that just need a cleaning and a few fillings.  IV sedation is also great for the busy individual that wants to get everything done in one dental appointment.

Is IV sedation like being unconscious?

No. With IV sedation you will still be conscious and able to respond to our dental team when a request is made.  It allows you to be responsive while in a deeply relaxed state.

Is IV sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way for many patients to receive their dental care from cleanings, fillings & crowns, or full smile makeovers. In addition Dr. Thompson receives on going training and testing in IV sedation techniques.  He also does several IV sedation cases each week keeping his skills fresh.

How much does IV sedation cost?

Sedation dentistry at our office is priced at a fixed cost whether you need 1 hour of sedation or 4+ hours of sedation.  We feel that if the sedation encourages you to get your dental work done then we want to make it as cost effective as we can for you to do so.  If you really need to know an exact cost, please call us at 614-486-7378 or send us an email.  It’s difficult to put a price on a blog post because if the prices changes…. you have to go find all the blog posts and change it.

How long does it take the sedation to wear off?

The sedative that is give for IV sedation dentistry is given in a number of doses throughout your appointment based on what you need to feel comfortable.  So how fast the sedatives wear off depends on how big of a does you received and how quickly your body metabolizes the sedative drugs.  We typically recommend that the patient goes home and rests and they are typically feeling back to normal the next morning.  After your dental treatment with IV sedation you should not drive, drink alcohol, operate machinery or make any big decisions.  You also must have someone drive you home after your appointment.

Will I remember anything about my Sedation Dentistry appointment?

No you will not remember anything about your dental appointment if you choose sedation dentistry.  When Dr. Thompson calls the patient the next day to check on them they are typically stunned that they can’t remember anything about the appointment.  And they are in a very good mood when they leave the office with their friend or loved one that is driving them home.

Can I work the next day?

Yes.  Our IV sedation patients report no problems with going to work the day after their appointment.

Does my dental Insurance cover the IV sedation cost?

In our experience, dental insurance does not cover the cost of IV sedation.  Dental insurance typically just covers basic dental care.  We can help you determine if your dental insurance will pay for IV Sedation.

How do you keep my mouth open while I am sedated?

To keep your mouth open we use a soft mouth prop that allows your jaw to rest while we take care of your dental needs.

Who is a good candidate for IV Sedation dentistry?

If you experience dental anxiety you are a good candidate for IV Sedation.  Any of the concerns listed below that you have can be discussed at your first appointment with Dr. Thompson to determine if you are a good candidate.

  • Fear of a dental visit
  • Severe dental anxiety
  • A previous traumatic dental experience
  • Extremely Sensitive teeth
  • Fear of the sounds or smells of a dental office
  • Need for a lot of dental treatment
  • You don’t have a lot of time for dental treatments.  Travel, executive, busy mom
  • You have a strong gag reflex and/or you have trouble getting numb
  • You want to be comfortable during your dental treatment