6 Reasons People Choose Lumineers

| January 26, 2015

Lumineer SmileA warm, healthy smile lights up the room and boosts confidence. Now it is easier and less painful to get that bright white smile you are after with Lumineers!

Lumineers are a brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers that are bonded to teeth to improve color and shape. They are designed to mimic the look of your natural teeth and are minimally invasive, while enhancing your smile. In most cases they do not require shots, anesthesia, or drilling prep on your tooth’s enamel that traditional veneers demand.

Here are the six main reasons people choose dental Lumineers to improve their smiles:


Permanently brighten stained and discolored teeth

No matter why a tooth is stained or discolored, a Lumineer is a perfect way to disguise discoloration and blend in with your other natural teeth. Because dental Lumineers are permanent, they are a no-maintenance solution to stained or discolored teeth.


Restore chipped teeth

Lumineers are custom formed to your teeth and they can restore the appearance of chipped teeth. Because the porcelain mimics the look of your natural teeth, Lumineers are a natural looking solution to even out your smile.


Eliminate spacing and close gaps

Spaces and gaps between teeth can be embarrassing and braces are a costly investment if you only have one small gap to close. Lumineers can extend over your natural tooth to close a gap while protecting the integrity of your natural tooth.


Align misshapen or crooked teeth

Because Lumineers are custom made for your teeth, they are a great option to help visually align misshapen or crooked teeth. Since they are added onto your natural teeth, however they are not the best solution for teeth that stick out.


Refresh older dental work like crowns and bridges

As crowns, bridges and other dental work age, they can start to look yellow and become more distinct in color from your natural teeth. Lumineers can cover both your natural teeth and other dental work to even out and brighten your smile.


Achieve that ‘Hollywood’ smile!

Lumineers are a versatile, long lasting porcelain veneer. No matter what your concern, natural-looking, ultra thin Lumineers can give you that luminous Hollywood smile you deserve!

People prefer Lumineers because they offer fast results and practically no downtime after the procedure. Because they leave the natural strong and in tact, Lumineers can even be removed if required. Since they are applied with in the most durable way possible, they will last for years to come!