5 Symptoms You May Need a Root Canal

| February 17, 2010


Let me just start by saying that root canals get a lot of bad press and are the punch line of many jokes. In reality the root canal procedure provided by a dentist is what gets you out of pain! Don’t suffer from tooth pain! If you have tooth pain, see a dentist to check it out. Don’t panic! It is my experience that a root canal is far less painful than a bikini wax!

This blog post is meant to inform you about root canal symptoms. It is not meant to replace a visit to your favorite Columbus dentist. Tooth pain sometimes appears to “go away” only to come back “full on” at the most inconvenient time, say the 1st day of your vacation.

Symptoms You May Need a Root Canal

  • Root Canal Symptom #1 – You have a moderate to severe lingering tooth pain when drinking hot liquids or eat hot foods. This tooth pain can also be caused by cold liquids or foods.
  • Root Canal Symptom #2 – You have pain when chewing or biting on a tooth. There may also be slight swelling. The tooth may also be sensitive to touch.
  • Root Canal Symptom #3 – Your toothache pain wakes you up at night and you feel like you need to take some Advil to relieve your suffering.
  • Root Canal Symptom #4 – You have a bubble on your gum that looks like a pimple and when pressed it may bleed or release pus. This stuff isn’t pretty folks and it’s in your mouth.
  • Root Canal Symptom #5 – You have pain that starts in one tooth then radiates to other regions of your jaw or head.  Example would be pain in a lower back tooth that radiates to your ear on the same side and feels like an ear ache.

Root Canal Treatment in Columbus

So if you have these symptoms, what do you do now?  Call your dentist and make an appointment to see them ASAP. A dentist can get you out of pain fast, and that’s what you really want!

At our Columbus dental office, both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich perform root canal treatment. For more tooth symptoms and tooth pain info see our blog article What You Need to Know When Your Tooth Hurts.

If you think you may need a root canal or have questions about tooth pain, make an appointment today!