Professional portrait of Dr. William Thompson at Grandview Dental Care

Dr. Thompson opened his practice here in 1978, after graduating from the OSU College of Dentistry. Dr. Thompson officially retired in 2020; but to our delight, he still makes an occasional appearance in the practice. He has continually focused on advancing his skills and knowledge through advanced dental education.

He currently lives in Grandview with his wife, Becky. He has two children and five grandchildren. Sydney, Hailey, and Peter who he frequently visits in New York and Emma and Owen who live who live close by in Delaware county.

In addition to enjoying making smiles whiter and teeth and gums healthier, Dr. Thompson also is an aviation enthusiast (building and flying his own airplane), continues to work on his golf game, enjoys skiing with his wife and buddies, bareboat sailing in BVI, and Spinning and Cycling with his wife. Dr. Thompson also has many home improvement projects he is currently working on.

Fun Facts About Dr. Thompson

We asked Dr. Thompson a few fun questions so that you can get to know him before your visit!

  • Where is your favorite breakfast spot in Grandview? DK Diner.
  • What is your favorite inexpensive family activity in Columbus? Columbus Clippers game. They are a good team that plays with heart, you can park a block from the stadium for $5, they have a lot of family specials on tickets throughout the season, you can bring in your own drinks and snacks, the stadium is minutes from Grandview, and it’s a beautiful venue in Downtown Columbus.
  • What is an interesting place you have visited and why was it so interesting? Normandy, on the coast of France. Witnessing the scene of the Allied Invasion in 1944 was awe-inspiring.
  • Where do you hope to travel to one day and why? New Zealand – to see it’s rugged beauty – and some Exotic Islands in the South Pacific.
  • What’s so great about dentistry? We get to make and do things for people that improve their lives.
  • When you were in grade school what did you want to be when you grew up and why? (if you can remember) A dentist – because it sounded cooler than my friend that wanted to be a garbage man. (1st grade story)
  • Why did you decide on a career in dentistry? I like to work with my hands and mind to solve problems….. and see the above 1st grade story.

Advanced Coursework Highlights

Dr. Thompson believes strongly in continuing education. Extensive coursework and constant exposure to new developments in dentistry insures that Dr. Thompson and the staff at Grandview Dental Care are providing dental care that is on the cutting edge. Dr. Thompson has completed the following:

  • 90 classroom hours from the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education in esthetics, occlusion (bite disorders), and tooth replacement.
  • 40 classroom hours of study with Dr. Peter Dawson, a world-renowned authority on the topics of occlusion and advanced restorative care.
  • Year long course for dental implants which involved 250 classroom hours of lectures and hands on study with experts in implant dentistry from around the world.
  • Advanced Cerec restoration coursework and daily hands on experience since 2003
  • Invisalign Orthodontics Certification since 2002, including advanced certification and Invisalign designated Premier Provider status.
  • One of only 3 dentists in Central Ohio with the Invisalign Premier Provider designation
  • Invisalign Teen Provider
  • Continual updates on the latest dental products and techniques through an independent dental research group
  • Lumineers Training and certification for placing Veneers with minimal tooth reduction
  • 9 month course in IV Sedation training which included over 100 classroom hours of lecture and hands on training.
  • Advanced Training for root canals with Dr. John West using the Protaper system, which is a computerized root canal system