Would you whiten your teeth at Sam’s Club?

| February 3, 2009

You may have seen the places at local malls and Sam’s Club where you can get whiter teeth but would you do it?  These places have been a point of controversy throughout the country and with everything there are 2 sides to the argument.

In Ohio only a trained and licensed dental professional can adminster whitening to a patient.  This means a dentist or a hygientist.  Mall Whitening gets around this by handing the whitening chemicals to the customers to do it themselves and you the customer/patient has even less experience with the handling of the chemicals…. so how safe is that?

We try very hard to price our whitening at a very competive rate because whitening can be the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to dramatically enhancing your smile.  We offer Zoom in-office whitening for $395 and are currently offering Take Home Whitening for $89 through 3/31/2009.