Why your trip to the dentist won’t hurt

| June 11, 2011

no-pain-columbus-ohio-dentistA question I get asked a lot by patients is “Is it going to hurt?”

The answer is an emphatic no!

At our Grandview Dental office  have many ways to make your dental experience painless and worry free, and we are very sensitive and attentive to your individual needs and desires for your comfort.  For our patients who are very nervous about their dental treatment, we offer IV sedation.  This makes you totally unaware of the dental treatment being done and you have no memory of what was done afterwards. This is done by starting an IV and administering appropriate sleep drugs to get to the desired level of sedation.  This is not the same as what most area dentists promote as Columbus sedation dentistry where they give the patient pills to take and hope it has the desired effect.  IV sedation is very precise,  requires special training, and is very safe.

For patients who are just a little nervous, we have nitrous oxide sedation (also called laughing gas) available.  The nitrous oxide is a mood elevator and an analgesic (pain reducer) .  It makes for a more pleasant dental experience for many and it has the advantage of wearing off very quickly so that other tasks can be attended to that day.

For traditional local anesthesia (numbing) we use two numbing agents.  The first has a neutral acidity so that it doesn’t have the burning or stinging effect that most numbing shots have.  We follow that up with a more potent numbing agent that really takes away all the feeling in the tooth.  And we always rub on a surface numbing agent before any injection.

We are very attentive to our patients comfort during dental procedures, and we strive to make our dentistry a pleasant experience.  If you are looking for a new dentist in Columbus Ohio, we invite you to call(614-486-7378) or email our office today!