Why would I want to follow my dentist on Twitter?

| July 8, 2009

Well, first question first.  Do you use Twitter?  If not, you might find the whole twitter thing to be just a bunch of people telling each other that they just ordered a Large coffee at Stauf’s.  And that does go on. For Twitter 101, see this post.

In my opinion Twitter is all about connecting with people that have similar interests as you do.  It’s also about conversations.  If you follow people that have similar interests they will “tweet” about it and perhaps include a nifty link in their tweet which will give you more info.

What are our tweets about from Grandview Dental Care?

  • As you would expect we tweet about dental care with perhaps a link back to our blog or some other dental website.  It might be how to combat a toothache at 2 AM, or a video on how to floss or some new procedure we are offering at our office.
  • Allow patients to ask questions or give us feedback which some businesses feel is a scary thing about social media.  We want to know if we have (or haven’t) met your expectations so that we can try to correct the situation.
  • We also tweet about special discounts in our office
  • We have contests and giveaways that include tickets to local events (hey, we are trying to make a dental office fun here) – We have 2 tickets to the Pretender’s show on Aug 16th which we will be Tweeting the details on how you could win them.  That’s reason enough to follow us….
  • Local Columbus and Grandview Events
  • Recognize our patients and fellow Grandview Business neighbors
  • Pictures and videos about staff stuff
  • Recipes or other food/wine related stuff
  • Stuff about overall health and fitness

Who is doing the “tweeting” for Grandview Dental Care?  – Dr. Thompson’s wife Becky who is very active in the practice and also is the primary writer of the blog posts.

So, if any of this sounds good to you… you can follow us on Twitter.