Why would anyone go someplace else for Lumineers or Veneers?

| September 8, 2008

As a dentist I some times get caught up in just doing dentistry.  I recently saw a patient that had been a patient at Grandview Dental Care for years and I hadn’t seen her in a while.  It appeared that in her absence from my dental practice, she had gone to another dentist in town for some veneers and she wasn’t pleased with the results.

We talked about some different options and in the end I encouraged her to go back to the dentist that had done the work and let them know your not pleased… and see what happens.  That is what I would want a patient of mine to do.

After the appointment I turned to my assistant and said “Why would she have gone somewhere else for veneers”?  My assistant only said “Maybe she didn’t know you did Veneers”

I’ve been focused on cosmetic dentistry for 30 years.  With cosmetic dentistry I’ve either done it successfully or researched, studied and/or tried it and decided it wasn’t all that it was hyped to be.  I love dentistry!  I love learning better ways to do things and better materials to make it happen.

So, I guess the lesson I’ve learned is make sure my patients know what cosmetic dentistry can do for them and show them the many Smile Makeovers I’ve done over the years.  Now if only I could get my technical department to get those Before and Afters updated on the website….