What’s so great about an electronic toothbrush?

| August 8, 2008

I love my electric toothbrush!  I recently got back from a week of vacation where I didn’t pack my electric toothbrush.  I figured I could do just as good of a job with my manual oral B and some floss.  Come on! I work in a dental office I must know what I’m doing!

Well, I am glad to have my electric toothbrush back.  It gets off the daily sludge and makes my teeth feel all smooth and slippery and clean, almost like I just came from my cleaning with the Hygienist.  So what electric toothbrush do I use?  I like the Oral B model, The Oral-B Triumph™ ProfessionalCare™ 9400.  It’s got the 2 minute timer which vibrates at 30 second intervals so I can switch to different areas of my mouth(or just know how much longer I have to brush if I keep track of the vibrations…. which I rarely do.  I’m not a total dental geek)  I’ve also used the Oral B 7550 which is cheaper and works well too. Oral B also sells a version with a wireless Smartguide which I don’t really get the point of why you would need a remote that tells you how long you’ve brushed.  I mean, that is geeky!

Plus we get the Oral B electric toothbrushes for a lot less than they sell them at the Big Box retailers and we pass that savings on to our patients so they too can enjoy the smooth clean feeling everyday.  So, if you are thinking about getting an electric toothbrush, ask your dentist what model they recommend and whether or not they sell them at a discount.

With an electronic toothbrush you will not only notice a difference everyday but your dentist and dental hygienist will probably also notice a difference at your next appointment.