What your breath reveals about your overall health

| October 12, 2012

This week there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about a breath “fingerprint” that doctors could use to diagnose all sorts of diseases in a very noninvasive way.

Although more research is needed a growing number of health problems from Asthma to Heart Transplant rejection can be diagnosed by analyzing a person’s breath.

According to one researcher, anything that you can have a blood test for, there is potentially a breath test for.  Breath tests are painless and can offer faster and potentially less expensive results.

Many of the tests are just in the research phase and need to be validated in large clinical trials before they are ready for use at your local doctors office.

Experts hope that breath tests can be used in conjunction with CT scans to cut done on the number of unnecessary biopsies.

Many hurdles still remain but there should be some exciting developments in the next few years.

Read the full Wall Street Journal Article Here.