What you need to know when your tooth hurts!

| March 23, 2010


There are many different Tooth Symptoms and causes of tooth pain.  This blog article is not meant to replace a trip to the dentist to get things checked out.  But it can be useful information to help you determine how quickly you should make an appointment with your dentist.

Symptom: You have pain when you chew and drink hot or cold liquids. The pain is mild in nature and not prolonged. – Many times this type of pain is felt after a recent dental work like a filling or a crown. You can always call your dentist to have it looked at but if you decide to wait, remember this guideline.  If the pain does not subside within a 6 week period of time or becomes increasingly severe, call your dentist ASAP.

Symptom: You have pain when you drink cold liquids, but the pain goes away immediately or within a few seconds. This response in a tooth is considered normal and may exist throughout your life.  Talk to your dentist about it at your next check-up appointment.

Symptom: You have tooth sensitivity when you eat sweets, but the pain doesn’t last very long. You might have a cavity, loose/broken filling or areas of the root surface that are exposed below your gum line.  

Symptom:  You have pain to touch in the cheek areas or you have increased pain and difficulty to open your mouth in the mornings. This may be bruxism pain due to clenching or grinding your teeth at night.  Speak to someone at your dental office at your next visit.

Symptom: You feel sharp tooth pain when biting down on a tooth usually in a specific way – You may have a cracked tooth, usually requires a full crown restoration to prevent the fracture from increasing in size.  A cracked tooth not fixed can lead to the  need for a root canal.

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