What sort of dental patient needs IV sedation?

| December 16, 2013

Columbus Ohio Sleep Apnea Solutions  What sort of person needs IV sedation for their dental treatment?  IV sedation is a great solution for anyone that is anxious or afraid to go to the dentist. It also works great for those busy people that have several crowns, fillings, or root canals that they need to get done and they would like to get it all done in one appointment. Dr. William Thompson is a Columbus IV sedation dentist that can help patients get the dental care they need and want in one appointment. 

We had an IV sedation patient today in our Columbus dental office.  Our patient is getting married in a week and wanted to get his dental care taken care of before his big day.  He had some tooth decay that he wanted to take care of and he also needed a tooth pulled that was causing him pain. He was a little anxious about being at the dentist so IV sedation was a great option for him.  We were able to do 8 fillings and the extraction in a 2 1/2 hour dental appointment.  After giving his fiancee some post operative instructions we helped him into the car.

He will spend the rest of the day relaxing at home and will be ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Do you live in Columbus, Ohio and are you anxious or scared about going to the dentist?  IV Sedation dentistry might work for you.  We offer a complimentary Smile Consultation appointment where you can find out more about IV Sedation and how it might benefit you.  Make your appointment with our Columbus office today.

By William Thompson DDS