What is it like to be a dentist for 30 years?

| July 8, 2008

As some of you may know, 2008 marks my 30th year as a dentist in Grandview.  Yes, I realize by my youthful appearance in my staff photo that it’s hard to believe I’ve been practicing that long… but I started when I was 10….

All joking aside, I can honestly tell you that I love what I do! The advancements in dentistry continue to inspire and motivate me to learn and grow and become better and better at being a dentist.  Incredible technology such as CEREC Cad-Cam one appointment crowns enable us to provide beautiful crowns in about an hour and a half.  Digital X-rays give us instant, more reliable diagnostic information with less x-rays to the patient.  We offer I.V. sedation for our anxious patients so that can sleep through their appointments.  We have lumineers, invisalign, and whitening to make beautiful smiles.  And we use state of the art techniques and materials to provide the very best in dental care.



 In addition, I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my excellent staff, my family, and my patients.  It truly puts a bright spot in my day when a patient that has been with me since the early days is on the schedule or when any one of my patients gives me a heartfelt “Thanks Doc!”  We all know that it makes a tough day that much more bearable when we are appreciated for what we do.

 So, to mark this occasion and show appreciation for our patient family be sure to mark your calendars for our Celebration Event this Fall on October 4th.  We are planning a tailgate/cookout with activities for the whole family including balloon sculptures, face painting, and college football.  Make sure we have your email address so that we can keep you posted on the details and/or let us know what type of activities you would enjoy!  Thank you for being a part of our patient family!