What is different about Invisalign Teen?

| September 27, 2008

Invisalign Teen was designed to meet the specific needs of the non-adult comprehensive treatment market….. yes I got this material from an Invisalign Teen press release.

Dr. Thompson has treated teenage patients with traditonal Invisalign in the past as long as the teen

  • had all their adult teeth
  • had top teeth in front of their bottom teeth(in the dental world known as a class 1 occlusion)
  • and understood and was responsible enough to wear the Invisalign aligners at all times.

With Invisalign Teen,  Dr. Thompson can treat patients that don’t necessaily meet all the above criteria.   The nice thing about Invisalign Teen is that it includes features that make it easier and more efficient for dentists to treat younger patients.

Features include:

  • Aligner wear indicator to help determine whether or not the aligner is being worn all the time, like it should.  If the aligner isn’t in the mouth, it’s not straightening the teeth.
  • Specially designed aligner features to address the natural eruption of specific teeth
  • Special aligner features to address root control issues commone in patients between 13 and 19
  • Several free replacement aligners during active treatment to cover aligners that accidentally go into the trash in the lunchroom…etc.

So, Invisalign Teen is actually a differently engineered aligner than the traditional Invisalign Aligner.

If you are curious about whether or not Invisalign will work for you or your teen, Schedule a Free Smile Consultation with Dr. Thompson to learn more.