What everybody ought to know about a healthy smile

| August 26, 2009

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A healthy smile should be a goal for everyone.  You can get a healthy smile with some work on your part and also the help and support of your friendly Columbus dental office, Grandview Dental Care.

Here are a few things you should know about getting and keeping a healthy smile.

  • Routine brushing and flossing at home, done correctly, is essential to maintaining your dental health, AND it’s inexpensive!
  • Make and effort to brush 2 times per day for 2 minutes each time you brush.
  • Flossing needs to become a habit. A wise ole’ dentist once said… you don’t have to floss all your teeth…. just the teeth you want to keep!
  • Sipping on sugary drinks for extended periods causes the sugar to be in constant contact with your teeth which can accelerate tooth decay.
  • Visit your dentist and hygienist every 6 months, unless you have special needs, like gum disease.  Then, you may need to visit every 3 – 4 months…. because you are special.
  • Remember that your teeth play an important part in getting you through your day. You use them to chew, speak, smile, smooch, etc.
  • Normal everyday wear and tear will leave your teeth feeling and looking used!  Visiting your dentist restores your teeth and mouth with that smooth, fresh, clean feeling once again.
  • Early detection of tooth problems is cheaper than avoiding the dentist for years.
  • Decay left untreated does not go away it just escalates into more decay and a bigger “bad spot” in your tooth.
  • Don’t wait until it hurts or it’s broken.  Pain can usually be avoided if you visit your dentist regularly and you take care of problems when they are small.
  • The routine filling you decided not to treat years ago has now turned into a root canal and crown which can cost more than 5 times as much as the original filling.
  • Everybody needs a dentist.  If you want your teeth to look good and function for a lifetime, you must take care of them.
  • Remember that your auto insurance(that you pay $500+ per yr)  does not pay for car washes or oil changes but you do them anyway to maintain your car.  Don’t let your dental insurance dictate how you will maintain a health smile.
  • Dental Insurance was designed to pay a portion of some of your dental needs.  If it paid for all of your dental needs you would pay more for it than you do now.
  • Ready to take the next step towards your healthy smile?  Make an appointment with us today by calling 614-486-7378 or click for a dental appointment.