What does my dental insurance cover? Part 2

| July 26, 2010

employee-dental-insuranceI our last blog post we began an explanation of what dental insurance is, and isn’t.

We continue the theme today.

My dental insurance will pay only for a less expensive treatment.  Should I get that instead?  Insurers commonly pay for the “least expensive” alternative treatment.  Many times this is not the smartest or best choice.  Together you and your dentist will decide on a dental treatment plan that is right for you.  Think of other buying expereinces.  Do you typically go for the bare bones basic or do you go for something more middle of the road.  In the end, it’s how you value your mouth and what you want to spend to keep it in shape.

If I don’t have coverage for the dental treatment, it must not be needed.  Nope, I don’t think so.  The limitations of your dental policy are totally arbitrary.  They have no relation to the treatment that you need or may want.  It is our responsibility to advise you what treatments are available and what is best for you.  Your insurance contract is designed by lawyers and financial experts to control costs.

Why aren’t preventive treatments or better, longer lasting alternatives convered?  Employers change insurance carriers on average every 2 years so your insurer is not concerned with what happens later.  The incentive for insurance corporations to save now, not years later.

Why can you only estimate my dental coverage?  We deal with 1000’s of dental plans and 100’s of types of treatment each year.  Most insurance carriers refuse to release the details of their plans to the dental office.  They change policies and reimbursements constantly and without notice.

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