What do you want to know about dentistry?

| February 15, 2012

What do you want to know about dentistry?  Any questions? We have an Ask the dentist feature on our website.

I believe that the most important part of my job is to educate and inform my patients so that they can make confident decisions about their dental care.    I’m writing this blog post to ask for your help!

We are a Columbus dental office and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality care we can.  From beautiful porcelain veneers, Invisalign straightened teeth,  a simple sealant, or a well-executed root canal,  both Dr. Thompson and I are very passionate about constantly striving to give our patients our best.   We also know that merely executing a procedure well is not all there is.

Sometimes we may forget that even though this is one of thousands of these procedures we have performed in our careers, for our patients this is likely their first time.  What is routine for us, is not for you!  Sometimes our patients may have questions that they wanted to ask, but didn’t have the chance to during the course of treatment.

This is what our blog can be about.  We want to know what our patients want to know.  I am always open and available to converse about anything that you, our patients, want to know.

I want to write more and communicate with everyone, so please help me out.  What do YOU want to know???????  Stump me at your next appointment Ask the dentist now.