We know when you’ve been bad or good…

| December 22, 2009


How does your dental hygienist know when you aren’t brushing a flossing properly? Magic?  Of course not.   Columbus Dentist offers magical teeth cleaning in Columbus Ohio.  I can see the headline now! It’s the gunk man!

She knows when you’ve been flossing… she knows when you don’t brush, she knows when you’ve been bad or good…. so just brush and floss for goodness sake… OH!  You better watch out…..

A dental Hygienst has a very up close and personal relationship with your teeth when she is doing your professional teeth cleaning.   She see things you can’t see and she cleans “gunk” off your teeth that regular brushing can’t.  I mean she literally has a tool where she can gently scrape the tartar and plaque(aka gunk) off your teeth in a big strip.  Bad brushing = a big strip of yech stuff!

In addition, when she flosses your teeth, if there is bleeding…. she knows you haven’t been flossing.  No magic there.

Many people stop flossing because they see blood when they rinse.  Don’t stop flossing.  Keep it up for a few days and it will go away, unless you have a more serious condition like gum disease.  See a dentist if you have questions about the bleeding.

Some patients think we are just joking when we ask if they have had trouble brushing  their back teeth.  Or that we ask every patient “How often do you floss?” or “How often do you brush?”

I hate to spoil the mystic but we are just trying to start the conversation because we know you haven’t been doing an adequate job because of the gunk!  Just like Santa… we know if you’ve been bad or good!

If you are looking for a dentist in Columbus Ohio, we invite you to make an appointment today.  We’ll take care of you and your smile and keep your mouth gunk free.