Warm weather foods and what they can do to your teeth

| April 8, 2014

iced-latte-and-your-teethThings are finally starting to warm up in Columbus so jumped at the opportunity to talk about how some of our favorite warm weather foods and beverage can wreck your teeth. Here’s a list of foods that can do some damage to your teeth if you’re not paying attention.

Warm Weather Foods To Be Aware Of:

Iced Coffee

Many people not only start the day drinking iced coffee, but continue to sip on it throughout the day. Because your teeth are very porous, coffee can leave significant stains on your teeth. Lightening up your coffee with cream or milk helps a little.  In addition if you sip on a sugary beverage all throughout the day decay can sneak up on you before you know it.

 Pickles & Pickled Vegetables

I personally can not imagine my grilled burger without a stack of pickles.  Who knew that they could adversely effect my teeth. Pickles are typically made with lots of vinegar and sugar—two things that make pickles yummy but can be harmful to your teeth. The vegetables are pretty healthy but the brine is what can do some damage.  No need to give up your pickles, just be aware.

Sports Drinks

People are a lot more active during warm weather months. Do you turn to sports drinks to help your thirst? Just be careful. Most are full of sugars and acids.  Water is usually the best choice to quench your thirst and help you stay hydrated.

Diet Soda

These drinks may seem “better” for you because they don’t have sugar, but they still have a lot of acidity and other harmful substances that can affect your tooth enamel.  The artificial sweeteners also have a negative effect to some people.

Barbecue Sauce

Most barbecue sauces contain lots of sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, and (in some cases) dye which can contribute to damage or stains.

Helpful Tips:

    • Don’t swish around fruit or sports drinks, or hold them in your mouth for more than a few seconds.
    • Eat more fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and celery.
    • After eating barbecued foods or foods that stick between teeth, chew sugar free gum and/or rinse your mouth with water.

And Just For Fun…

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Enjoy the warm weather we are having in Columbus! And, if you have questions about this information, please let us know and at your next dental visit!