Twitter 101

| July 7, 2009

So you are wondering what this whole Twitter thing is all about.  Well, I am no expert but I am fairly new to the Twitter scene so I am providing info that helped me get started and understand the value(and fun) of Twitter.

  • First you go to and sign up.
  • The interface doesn’t have many neat features so I recommend going to and using their software to interact with your twitter friends.
  • Find some people that have similar interests as you.  You can do this by using the search feature in tweetdeck or go to which actually has some nice features like searching by location.
  • Start following some people.
  • When you find something you like around town or on the internet…. tweet about it.
  • I have already used twitter to post a complaint about a Local Internet Search company we were doing business with.  I got a reply tweet from their CEO in less than an hour and eventually we came to a compromise on resolving my issue.  Pretty Cool!
  • This was my first Twitter 101 guides I used.  I follow Ron Jones(@Ron_Jones), the guy that wrote them and he’s very helpful

Twitter 101 Part 1 –

Twitter 101 Part 2 –

Twitter 101 Part 3 –

  • You will see a bunch of special characters people use sometimes when they tweet.  See the Twitter 101Part 2 article mentioned above.
  • Have fun, learn as you go and participate in the social media conversation!

So, are you wondering why you would want to follow your dentist on Twitter?  See this our blog post Why would I want to follow my dentist on Twitter?