Top reasons people want Sedation Dentistry

| October 7, 2010

relax-with-sedation-dentistryDr. Bill Thompson is a Columbus sedation dentist offering IV sedation for maximum comfort and pain control during your dental visit.

Why would somebody want sedation dentistry?

  1. Saves you time: Dr. Thompson can fix many dental problems in one appointment saving you time
  2. Saves you money: Since Dr. Thompson is the doctor administering & monitoring the IV and doing the dental work, we can offer our sedation dentistry at a lower price than other dentists in Columbus that must use and pay a separate anesthesiologist
  3. You feel no dental pain: The sedatives used in sedation dentistry allow you to be blissfully unaware throughout your appointment
  4. You don’t remember your dental appointment: Imagine not remembering the shot, the drill, or the time spent in the dental chair.  With sedation dentistry you leave happy from your dental appointment.  Really!
  5. You sleep easy the night before your appointment:  We realize that many patients are anxious about a visit to the dentist.  When your dental appointment involves sedation you can rest easy knowing you won’t feel a thing.
  6. You get it done: Thousands of people in Columbus know they need to go to the dentist but have been putting it off for years.  With Sedation dentistry you can get it done and move on with your life.

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