Tooth Whitening for $89 for all patients

| July 28, 2009

For a limited time we are offering our Take Home Tooth Whitening for $89 to all patients.  Most people can dramatically improve their smile by whitening their teeth.  It’s actually pretty amazing.

So why are we offering it for $89 when some dental offices offer it for Free if you become a new patient.

Well, I am going to be completely honest with you.  We want new patients that are making a commitment to their dental health, not just patients that are looking for something free.  (see below for your opportunity to make it “free” when you commit to your dental health)

We think $89 is a very competitive price for tooth whitening at a dental office.  Heck, buy a couple of over the counter products that may (or may not work) and your close to $89.  Have you priced Crest White strips lately?  And when you become a new patient at Grandview Dental Care we stand behind that it will work and help to set your expectations as to how well it work.

So, how can you get it for free?  On the day you complete your 3rd professional teeth cleaning which for most patients will be 18 months out, we will credit your account the $89 that you paid originally for your whitening.

This $89 to Free Whitening offer is only available to New Patients that schedule their New Patient appointment by 8/31/2009.  You will receive your take home whitening after you have completed your 1st professional cleaning appointment.  So call us at 614-486-7378 or make an appointment here!