Tooth Fairy Tips

| August 7, 2009

See full size imageMy daughter Paige just turned six and is always asking when she’s going to lose a tooth.  She will wiggle teeth and want me to look at them to determine if her tooth really is loose.  She’s all excited about getting the $$$ from the tooth fairy.  Some tips that I have found to make her tooth fairy experience magical are

  • Use glitter as “fairy dust” to sprinkle on their pillow
  • have your little one write the tooth fairy a note to put on their bed so the tooth fairy remembers to pick up the tooth
  • Leave gold coins instead of dollars to make it different
  • have fun decorating a little box with markers and stickers to put their teeth in
  • leave a nice note from the tooth fairy in a tiny scroll with made up symbols and you translate to your child about being a good girl/boy who was taking great care of their teeth
  • you don’t always have to leave $ you can leave pencils, stickers, especially once they start losing more teeth. Keep It Simple!

Hopefully this will give you some tips on making the tooth fairy experience special!