The Connection Between Gum Disease And Dementia

| November 11, 2013


NEARLY ALL OF US EXPERIENCE bleeding gums at some time in our lives. But don’t assume it’s not a big deal. Gum disease can have serious repercussions including pain, chronic bleeding and tooth loss. It has also been connected to a number of total body health conditions including Alzheimer’s.


Skipping The Floss Can Increase Dementia Risk


A recent study  of over 5000 retirement community members found that NOT brushing daily could increase the risk of developing dementia up to 65%. Other research supports the correlation between tooth loss and Alzheimer’s. Some researchers theorize that because tooth loss and sensitivity may contribute to poor eating habits, that also affects brain health. And, Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to neglect their personal dental care. However, even with these other variables removed, there seems to be a strong link.


Miles Of Floss



How Oral Bacteria Hurts Your Brain


When you experience gum irritation and bleeding you essentially have an open wound and bacteria from your mouth can enter the rest of the body through your bloodstream. In one British study, traces of P. gingivalis were found in brain tissue of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. It may be that the bacteria creates brain inflammation, causing dementia. It could also be that it triggers an immune response which attacks healthy brain cells.


Take Care Of Your Body By Taking Care Of Your Gums


Taking care of your gum health is an important part of overall health. Follow these steps for a healthy mouth and a healthy brain:

    1. Brush every day.
    2. Floss every day.
    3. Don’t postpone your regular cleanings.

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