The benefits of straight teeth

| May 22, 2009

Columbus Dentist talks about the benefits of straight teeth

The benefits of straight teeth go beyond a fabulous smile…. although a great smile is one of the biggest benefits of straight teeth.

  • Gorgeous Smile
  • Increase confidence at work and with people you are attracted to
  • Easier to brush
  • Easier to floss
  • If it’s easier to floss then you will hopefully floss more often which will benefit you by have healthier teeth.
  • Food and other gunk won’t get stuck in the nooks and crannies because there will no longer be nooks and crannies
  • No more embarrassing spinach stuck in your teeth
  • Perfect bite mark in the apple, come on…. everybody wants that
  • You can keep your teeth cleaner if they are not overlapping
  • Nicer to kiss a person with straight teeth
  • Less likely to have unusual wear on teeth
  • More efficient to chew food with straight teeth

We offer Invisalign Orthodontics to straighten teeth.  We also use Lumineers or Porcelain Veneers to provide cosmetically straighter teeth in about 2 weeks.  Dr. Thompson, located in Columbus, Ohio, has done traditional braces in the past so he understands who is the right candidate for Invisalign, and who isn’t.  We Invite you to make an appointment for a Risk Free Smile Consultation to see if Invisalign or Lumineers are right for you and your smile.  This consultation is at no cost to you.

Check out the following video about the benefits of straight teeth and some of the drawbacks of traditional metal braces.