Text and email reminders from your dental office

| December 1, 2010

appt_reminderWe work really hard at reminding you when your appointments are.  We realize that our schedule and your life is extremely busy! To keep you on schedule we don’t double-book ours!  We really appreciate it when you notify us at least 24 business hours in advance that you will be unable to make an appointment.  That way we can then offer your appointment to someone else that needs to get in.

Some time back we implemented sending appointment reminders via email and via text messages. This system allows you to confirm your appointment via text or email too. We have heard a lot of positive feedback and some “Gee you guys send a lot of reminders”. Your feedback on what we do is always appreciated and welcomed.

The reminder system has flexibility.  Recently, we tweeked how we are sending the reminders.  This article is meant to explain when we send the appointment reminders and what to do if you would like to change how your reminders are sent.

How the reminders are sent

  • There is a separate text or email for each appointment.  If 3 members of your family have an appointment on the same day, there will be 3 separate reminders sent.
  • 1 week prior to your appointment you will receive an email and text reminder.  If you confirm this appointment, no more messages will be sent.
  • If you haven’t already confirmed your appointment, 4 days prior to your appointment another email and text reminder will be sent.

How to change your reminders

The reminder system has some flexibility.

What can be changed?

  • Just send text messages
  • Just send emails
  • Send me a message the day I make the appointment so I can add it to my calendar.
  • Send my reminders at different intervals(instead of 1 week prior and 4 days prior)
  • Get a  reminder 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours before your appointment
  • If you desire some other change, let us know what it is and we would be happy to investigate if it can be done.

Want to change how your reminders are sent? send us an email and give us your feedback