Have You Taken Advantage of Our Free Smile Consultation?

| May 14, 2014

smile consultation

A smile is a powerful gesture. It is an overall positive gesture, not only for you but when it’s projected towards others as well. Not being able to flash a smile should never be due to lack of confidence or being unsatisfied with the way it looks. However, if that is the case, Grandview Dental offers free smile consultations to get down to the real issues that are keeping you from grinning.

Why get a consultation? 

Dr. Bill Thompson and Dr. Abraham Hoellrich understand that when you book your appointment at a dental office you not only want your oral health to be their priority but great customer service as well. This is where the Free Smile Consultations came about. These consultations offer a personalized approach where you can discuss with the doctor your specific needs and how you would like to improve your smile—all before having to spend a dime.

What can I expect?  

The consultation will last about 20 minutes and during this time you’ll be able to talk in depth about the results you’d like to see from our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Any questions and concerns will be addressed and a tour of the Grandview Dental office will even be provided so that you can become a bit more familiar with the environment. Lastly, thanks to our cutting edge technology we will be able to take a photo of your current smile and with cosmetic dental imaging software we can give you a look of what you could look like after the procedures.

Don’t let your smile hold you back any longer. It’s more than possible to correct and improve the way it looks so that you’ll not only look and feel healthier but more attractive. Schedule an appointment today or if you’re still not sure take a look at our Instant Makeover we can do via email.