Stop Wondering about Cosmetic Dentistry. Learn about it.

| August 12, 2008

All too often patients come to me after many, many years spent wondering

  • Wondering if the issues with their smile can be solved
  • Wondering if the cost (in dollars) will be too high
  • Wondering if the change will change their looks
  • Perhaps hoping that it will
  • Perhaps hoping that it won’t

One thing I can tell you is that most cosmetic dental problems can be solved.  The materials that are available in dentistry are light-years ahead fo what was available 15 years ago.  And the technology keeps getting better.

There are products that can match your tooth color precisely in both color and transparency, crowns and veneers (in the hands of an experienced dentist) that can look as natural as your real teeth.  Implants that can replace missing teeth and function just like the real thing.

Invisalign can give you a straighter smile with out the wires and brackets.  And the dental technology goes on and on and the majority of these smile enhancers are affordable.  You don’t have to makeover each tooth in your mouth to make a dramatic impact.

And I love this stuff!  Yes, I’ve been at for 30 years but I enjoy learning what’s next.  It keeps the job exciting!  Helping someone look and feel better is very rewarding work.

The point is that if you are considering smile improvement, stop wasting time wondering.  Talk to me and learn more about what is available.  The answers may surprise you.

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