Sick of Dentures? Mini dental implants might be for you!

| May 25, 2010


Most young people today are confident that they will never need dentures.  They place importance and value on taking care of their smile and see their Columbus dentist on a regular basis.  But perhaps your parents or grandparents aren’t so lucky and they are suffering with dentures or perhaps not wearing their dentures because it’s a bother to keep the dentures  in their mouth or the dentures are painful and don’t fit properly.

Mini dental implants offer a solution for many people that have dentures.  Mini dental implants can secure a denture in place so that all food can be enjoyed again and a person can have the confidence that their dentures won’t come flying out while speaking or laughing!

  • Mini dental implants are less expensive than traditional implants
  • The dental procedure to insert the mini dental implant is faster than traditional implant method
  • Due to the small size of the mini dental implant there is little or no discomfort when the dentist places the  implant

The benefits of mini dental implants include no more denture slipping or the risk of them falling out. Others include an improved fit, better comfort and being able to eat normally.

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